Amazing Redis plugin for IntelliJ platform.

Iedis is a beautiful, easy-to-use Redis GUI plugin, working with millions keys without blocking the Redis server.
Folks at these awesome companies are already using Iedis.

Iedis provides...

  • Powerful key explorer
  • Pattern auto-completion
  • Pattern history management
  • Advanced console
  • Console documentation
  • Enhanced Lua editor
  • Redis debugger
  • Configure server easily
  • Inspect the slow Log
  • Client management

A little more detail

  • Redis Lua editor and runner support('Lua' plugin is required!)
  • Redis Lua debugger support for both sync and async mode
  • Redis command console support for debugger
  • Evaluate of code fragment support in debugger
  • Print Redis call details when stepping over in debugger
  • Print 'redis.debug' result to the console
  • Redis command documentation for Lua editor
  • Redis function auto-completion for Lua editor
  • Redis commands auto-completion for Lua editor
  • Select database when running Lua script
  • Integrate Redis commands with IntelliJ as a custom language
  • Add advanced Redis console and all commands are supported
  • Commands and keywords autocompletion
  • Commands documentation
  • Commands formatting
  • More friendly command execution view
  • Preview console result as JSON, XML, MessagePack etc
  • Console history support
  • History pattern autocompletion

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